Wednesday, October 9, 2013

You are a Leader whether you wanna be or not!

We are all leaders.............. of something.  Some of us embrace the title.  Some of us wear it as a badge of honor.  Some of us run from the title and never want to have anything to do with it.  But we all lead something or someone.  If you have a pet - you are a leader.  If you have a team - you are a leader.  If you are a parent - you are a leader of your children.  If you are a Christ follower - you are called to lead others to know Christ - to be a missionary.

We are all leaders.........  The key is to be a good leader.  To follow Christ so that others can follow you.

I've been pondering leadership for the past couple of days a lot.  I decided to study leaders in the Bible.  There are a lot - I think maybe that was a bite a little too big!!  But I'm determined to at least skim through the leaders in the Bible and see what God can teach me about leading.  I invite you to join me.

Lesson #1:  How does God lead?
I read Exodus 15.  It says God led in love.  It says He guided the people with strength.  I need to follow God so others can follow me.  I need to lead like Him.  I need to lead with love and strength.  Truth is - for me - I need to concentrate on leading in love.  I need to love the people God gave me to lead.  If I love them, they will trust me to lead them.

Prayer for today - 
please dear God, help me to love my team/my family/the people you give me to lead.  Help me to care for them.  Help me to be a leader that they can depend on and trust.  Help me to lead with your strength, because it is infinitely better than mine.

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