Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Looking for a Gift for the Child in Your Life?

Here are my favorite children's Bibles and why I like them..........
  • My First Study Bible - (Babies to 6) I like the fact that all of the books of the Bible are listed in order with a synopsis of each. The Bible stories are placed within the book of the Bible where they are found. Helps adults and children learn the books of the Bible and the chronology of the Bible. There are discussion questions at the end of each story for parents to use. Great to read aloud to a preschooler - also great for a beginning reader to read.
  • The Big Picture Story Bible - (Babies to 6) Great read aloud book or fun for Early Readers to read. Through stories and beautiful pictures the reader sees how all of the Bible points to Jesus.
  • The Jesus Storybook Bible - (K-3rd) "Every Story Whispers His Name" is the tag line to this book of Bible Stories. Every story points to the Gospel.
  • Children's ESV Bible - (Elementary) The ESV Bible with pictures! The last 100 pages are study helps.......... amazingly the authors explain a lot of theology on an Elementary level. Adults and Children will learn what they believe and why with these study pages.
  • ESV Family Bible - (Elementary) This is a collection of 270 Bible Stories. The cool thing is that the narrative is the actual ESV version of the story. So 270 Bible passages with beautiful pictures.
  • ESV Seek and Find Bible - (5 - 9years) This is the complete ESV Bible with stories inset in the scripture. The pictures are great! There are discussion questions at the end of each story. Great read aloud for older preschoolers and early Elementary. Great for early readers to read independently.

Hope this helps if you are in search of one for the perfect gift! Please let me know if you know of one I missed.