Thursday, January 20, 2011


My cell phone ring is crickets. It is kind of fitting because Mark and I live a very quiet We have 3 grown children, so our life hasn't always been so quiet we could hear the crickets............but it is now.

I know that many of you wish for a quiet day. I understand - I did the same. You need to understand that quiet is a natural part of the life cycle of a family. It is coming - so there's no need to wish for it. It will come - wishes or not.

So embrace your stage of the cycle.
  • Are you at the beginning of loud and crazy - then hang on to your hat for the ride!
  • Are you in the middle of beyond decibels - then know you are about to start down the other side toward quiet again.

It is a cycle - you will get back around to the beginning. You will have a quiet time again. Here are some precautions from someone who has made it around the circle:

  • Enjoy each stage - they really do go by fast
  • Embrace the activity and noise - but also find a quiet place to hide periodically to refuel
  • Hide some chocolate - standing in the dark pantry, chewing a small piece of chocolate is kind of like taking a mini vacation sometimes.
  • Stay in love with your spouse!
  • Continue to let your spouse be your best friend - when you get to the quiet again - it is wonderful to spend quiet moments with your best friend.
  • Don't be grumpy face - smile and enjoy the ride.

Enjoy spurts of quiet along the way of the you don't forget how amazing it can be when you get there. Which you will - it's a cycle for Pete's sake!