Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Celebrate the Hero of Easter with your family

This weekend is Easter Weekend. Have you chosen a
  • Service to attend? We have 8 total at 3 different campuses.
  • Outfit to wear? It is Easter you know!
  • Eggs to dye?

Don't forget the most important thing to think about and decide...............who is your hero? Did you know you need one?

The Bible tells us that

  • we all sin - Romans 3:23
  • we all deserve punishment - Romans 6:23
  • Christ died in our place - Romans 5

Jesus is the ultimate hero...........He died for us...........while we were unworthy.

Easter is a time to celebrate His rescue of us - His sacrifice - His love - God's plan. Celebrate that this week. Celebrate that with your children this week, don't just get caught up in the "Easter Stuff" ..........teach your children about Jesus and His sacrifice. Celebrate a God who has a plan for us even though we are so undeserving.