Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Read the Bible with us in May!

I am so excited about reading through the Bible with you guys in May!  I hope you have your Bible ready.  We wrote a plan based on:
The Big Picture Story Bible
Jesus Storybook Bible

We have both for sale at Clear Creek Community Church - or you can purchase them at any bookstore.

We begin on May 1 - Thursday.  I will be blogging the reading plan for the day and some questions or activities you could do at home as you read.

You can read either of the books above.  Or you could read both if you have both - either alternating days and books or reading from both books each day.  We normally suggest The Big Picture Story Bible  for preschoolers, and Jesus Storybook Bible for Elementary kids.  But if you have both ages in your family - either book will be fine.

I hope you will join us!