Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What makes you beautiful?

This week in PeeWees and Creek Kids your child talked about being beautiful.

PeeWees learned that saying good and beautiful things makes you beautiful on the inside. We talked about saying things that point people to God - those are beautiful things. (Proverbs 21:23)

Creek Kids learned that outward beauty is temporary............inner beauty is everlasting. (Proverbs 31:30)

I was watching TV last night and they were showing all of these celebrities that had plastic surgery. They showed the before and after pictures - all of them looked better before the surgery to me. It made me think about all the hundreds of thousands of dollars that are spent to make people look beautiful.

Real beauty doesn't cost a dime, but it does take work:

  • Choosing to say the right thing

  • Choosing to do the right thing

  • Choosing to act like Christ

  • Choosing to be Jesus to someone

Doesn't cost a dime..............just takes making the right choice.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lessons from July 17

Your PeeWee learned...........
Through the story of David (the lowly shepherd) becoming King, your PeeWee learned that God sees people differently than we do. We need to try to see the world - and people - the way God does and love each one for their uniqueness.

You can reinforce this lesson by reading the story to your child from a children's Bible. It is found in 1 Samuel 16. Also - bless your child this week by telling them the qualities you see in them and how God could use them to tell others about Him.

Your Creek Kids learned..........
We discussed boasting in Creek Kids this week. Help your child see how he can "boast in the Lord" (1 Corinthians 1:31). Show him how to thank God for the gifts and talents he has, and to ask God how to best use them for Him. Help him think about how God could use that talent to share His love with others. God gives us gifts for the common good - how can your child's talents be used for God?

Read the following verses with your Creek Kid to reinforce this lesson:

  • 1Corinthians 1:31

  • 1Corinthians 4:7

  • Psalm 44:8


Each week at Clear Creek Community Church your child is exposed to Bible truths, stories, and lessons. Each week in the hour they are at church they hear how Christ died for them and what that means for their daily living. We pack as much as we can into the hour they are in our services. But it is just 1 hour - even if you attend every week, that's just 52 hours a year. Sounds like a lot until you figure there are 8760 hours in a year!!! 52 is just .6%..........

Use your hours parents, please don't just depend on our .6%

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lessons from July 10

PeeWee Ministry:
Your PeeWee learned about having a strong foundation in God. We sang the "Wise Man and Foolish Man" song. You can find this story in your Bible - Matthew 7: 24 - 27. I hope you will read this story with your children. Let them sing the song for you.

Creek Kids Ministry:
Your Creek Kids learned about being self centered this week. Please follow up with their lesson by helping them complete the Take Home Worksheet. You can also discuss the following:

  • Thinking highly of yourself - Romans 12:3

  • Thinking of God instead of ourself - Hebrews 12:2

I hope that each week you take the time to discuss the lessons with your child. I hope that our lessons give you an open door for great conversations during the week. So how are we doing????? Do you find our lessons helpful as you disciple your children? What could we do better?

You are the primary disciple maker in your home.............we want to partner with you.

So what does it mean to disciple your child??

Well............ a disciple is a learner or follower. When we disciple our kids we are helping them become followers of Christ or learners about Christ.

What are you doing to help your child be a learner or follower of Christ?

  • Share your ideas - so we can all learn from you

  • The easiest thing you can do is show them your growth - tell them your story of faith, read the Bible with them, pray........

God has given them to you for discipling.............what are you doing with that assignment?