Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What makes you beautiful?

This week in PeeWees and Creek Kids your child talked about being beautiful.

PeeWees learned that saying good and beautiful things makes you beautiful on the inside. We talked about saying things that point people to God - those are beautiful things. (Proverbs 21:23)

Creek Kids learned that outward beauty is temporary............inner beauty is everlasting. (Proverbs 31:30)

I was watching TV last night and they were showing all of these celebrities that had plastic surgery. They showed the before and after pictures - all of them looked better before the surgery to me. It made me think about all the hundreds of thousands of dollars that are spent to make people look beautiful.

Real beauty doesn't cost a dime, but it does take work:

  • Choosing to say the right thing

  • Choosing to do the right thing

  • Choosing to act like Christ

  • Choosing to be Jesus to someone

Doesn't cost a dime..............just takes making the right choice.

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