Thursday, May 16, 2013

God is Unchanging

Sunday we will learn about God's Unchanging Plan.  God created us and knows us.  He created a perfect world but He knew that we would sin.  He had a rescue plan for us from the beginning.  And aren't we grateful!

This week - finish up your word wall.  Bring your homework on Sunday.  Here are some possibilities:




Please join us Sunday.............we only have 2 more weeks in this unit.  Finish your word walls and send me pictures, stories, what you have learned during this unit.  You can email me:
or comment on this blog.

Thanks for being on this journey with us!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

We have made it to P!!

We have almost finished our unit on the Attributes of God.  Just a few more weeks.  I hope your word wall is very full.  Please send me pictures.

Don't forget to do your homework this week.  The letter P - what words did you find?
Plan Maker

Please bring it with you to church on Sunday!  We will be studying Q..........
I am so thankful He is quick to forgive me.  Do not miss this lesson, and follow up at home.  Always remember to ask your child what he learned at church or why did you do that activity.  Use the lessons we provide on Sunday to jumpstart wonderful conversations around the dinner table all week long.

Keep worshiping God with your word walls ............ send me pictures of yours!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How does the story of Noah show us God?

Have you had a chance to read and discuss the story of Noah with your family?  (Genesis 6-9) This story gives us an awesome opportunity to talk to our kids about God being just.  He is just.  There is punishment for sin.  All of us sin.  Sin Separates us from God because He is Just.  We can try hard not to sin.  We can try to live a better life.  We can even list people that aren't as bad as us............but none of that covers or bridges the chasm of separation between us and our Just and perfect God. 

In the story of Noah - God shows mercy on Noah and his family.  He provides a way to save them.  This is a beautiful picture of the mercy God shows us.  We can't bridge the gap to God but Jesus did that for us on the cross.  He took our sin and punishment so we could be we could come to God and have a relationship with Him.

God is Just and we see our sin.
God is Merciful and gives us a rescue plan.

Your assignment this week is words that begin with K and L.  Here are a few:
  • Kind
  • King
  • all-Knowing

  • Loving
  • Large
  • Light
I would still love to see your word walls.  Please email me pictures.

Don't forget to bring your K and L words on Sunday with you.