Tuesday, August 30, 2011


PeeWee School started today! WooHoo!! It was a great day. It was the beginning of new relationships and learnings. It was a great day! It was also fairly quiet - which is a big marker of how great a year it will be!

The beginning of PeeWee School reminds me of new things like this new year. And yet the lessons on Sunday for preschoolers and Elementary kids are about the Ten Commandments which are really old.................In some ways I just want to throw away the old and just concentrate on new. But I am learning so much as I think about and study the Ten Commandments.

  • I am learning about how great God is! God is perfect at each commandment. Each commandment shows me God's character. He is the one God. He is valuable and worthy of praise and worship. He can protect me so I can rest. He is my greatest authority and worthy of honor. He is the Creator of life. He is faithful. He is wise and knows how to give us what we need. He does not lie.

  • I am seeing more and more clearly what a sinner I am. I can't keep any of these commandments - perfectly.

  • I am praising God for His rescue plan that rescues me - a sinner deserving death. I am thanking God for giving His perfect son as a sacrifice for me.

I hope you will contemplate these learnings as you help your child understand God's perfect laws and His most perfect rescue plan.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I went to Alaska last week.

Last week I was cruising around Alaska.............totally amazed by God's creation. Everything was so big and majestic: mountains, glaciers, whales. They say everything in Texas is big - I think everything in Alaska is bigger. I felt so small.

God's grace seemed even more real to me in Alaska. Just thinking about how a God that can create such a masterpiece......why would He even care about me. And definitely why would He send His son to die for me. God can create perfection.........He chooses to save the imperfect - ME. I felt small - but very loved.

God who sees me as small as I am in this big beautiful world. He loves me and saves me.

I had a wonderful vacation. It was a great place to go - I recommend it highly. It was also a very worshipful place for me. Thank you God for creating the beauty I saw and thank you for saving me - and for wanting to use even me.

Last week I was cruising around Alaska........... and awestruck again by God.