Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I went to Alaska last week.

Last week I was cruising around Alaska.............totally amazed by God's creation. Everything was so big and majestic: mountains, glaciers, whales. They say everything in Texas is big - I think everything in Alaska is bigger. I felt so small.

God's grace seemed even more real to me in Alaska. Just thinking about how a God that can create such a masterpiece......why would He even care about me. And definitely why would He send His son to die for me. God can create perfection.........He chooses to save the imperfect - ME. I felt small - but very loved.

God who sees me as small as I am in this big beautiful world. He loves me and saves me.

I had a wonderful vacation. It was a great place to go - I recommend it highly. It was also a very worshipful place for me. Thank you God for creating the beauty I saw and thank you for saving me - and for wanting to use even me.

Last week I was cruising around Alaska........... and awestruck again by God.

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