Thursday, October 10, 2013

Leadership Learnings - #2

This morning my research on leadership in the Bible led me to............Leviticus.  Took a couple of cups of coffee but I plowed through - and I learned something!

Leviticus 4:22-26

In the middle of the laws for sin offerings, there is a whole section on what to do when a leader sins.  It didn't say if - it said when.  God so knows us.  He knows that leaders will sin.  All of us sin and are sinners.  When we become a leader over someone or something, we are still the same sinners - just in a different position.  We will sin.

Today we don't have to follow the burnt offering procedures that are written in Leviticus.  We have a savior that offered Himself once and for all for our sins.  We are forgiven.  But..........we still need to ask forgiveness of God and of the people we lead.  We need to restore relationships that our sin breaks.  We are responsible to confess our sin to God and to the people we lead.

Good leadership isn't sin-free...........there is no such thing as that.  Good leadership is being humble, sincere, and responsible when we sin.

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