Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Leadership Lesson - You can't do it alone!

We have a saying around CCCC............we shouldn't do anything alone.  We have policies when we work with children there are always 2 adults.  But also when we are leading teams - the motto is the same - don't do it alone.  We are stronger together, safer together, smarter together, it's more fun together, and it is definitely more sustainable together.

Exodus 18 gives us a wonderful picture of this theory.  Moses is the only leader for the people.  They are coming to him all day long to make all of the decisions.  He has no time to rest.  But it seems as if he doesn't have time to finish making the decisions either - like the line of people goes on and on.  People probably waited days for their turn to talk to Moses.  It was inefficient and unsustainable.

In steps Jethro - Moses' Father in Law......  he speaks wisdom to Moses - you shouldn't be doing this alone.  You need help and the people need a better process.  And TA-DA.... a leadership structure was born.  One that we model after today at CCCC in all ministry areas.

Leadership Lesson - you can't do it alone.

This definitely applies to ministry teams and to any work environment.  But it also applies to your home.

I believe God created the family to have a Mom and a Dad because we can't do it alone.  We need each other for strength and energy and to make it more fun.

I think we were all made to live in community, because of that I believe that you also need to lean on Christian friends when you are raising kids.  We need to encourage each other and help each other bear the load.  If you aren't in a Small Group at CCCC - I recommend you find one.  It will be great for your soul - you will grow in your faith, but you will also find strength and encouragement and community for the life road you are on.

Leadership Lesson - you can't do it alone!

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