Thursday, April 11, 2013

Prepare Your Child for Sunday - April 14

Here are some things you can do to prepare your child for Sunday's lesson.
  • Complete the "homework" page.  Find a B and a C word that describes God.  Write it on the sheet.  Bring it with you to church Sunday and your child  can post it on the Word Wall.
Here are some B and C words I've thought of.............I can't wait to see yours!
beautiful, creator, cool, big, boss, comforter
  • Read the story of Daniel in the Lions Den.  You can find it:
    • Daniel 6
    • The Gospel Story Bible - p. 150-151
    • My First Study Bible  - p. 279-285
    • The Jesus Storybook Bible - p. 152-159
    • My First Hands On Bible - p. 184-189
Continue working on a family word wall at home.  How many words can you think of to describe God?  Send me a picture to:

Send comments and stories about this unit to or comment on this blog.  We want this unit to be a starter for your family discussions ........... a way to worship our great God as a family by calling out specific things in praise of God.


  1. We've had fun with this so far. Abigail has been thinking about words beginning with whichever letter we are on. She plays or sings songs (either from preschool, church, or CDs at home) to listen for those words. Some of the words she comes up with are random and some describe us rather than God, but that provides an opportunity with conversations about who God is versus who we are. Great unit for the whole family and not just the kiddos! Thanks!!

  2. Yay!!! thank you for sharing............thank you for partnering with us in this and using this curriculum as a Discipling tool.