Thursday, April 18, 2013

God is my Deliverer!

We had a great lesson this week in PeeWees and Creek Kids.  Ask your child who the Deliverer was in the story of Daniel - Daniel 6.

On Sunday we will talk about Hannah - 1Samuel 1:1-20.  God is good........  Read this story with your child and name all the ways God was good to Hannah, then how has God been good to your family?

How are you doing with your word wall?  The one at church needs a lot of help!  Please bring in your words and put them on our wall.  We want to have a big one full of things to thank God for.

This week your homework is E and F.  If you are stuck....think about these words:

Full of.......

Be sure to find something in the Bible to support whatever word you write.

See you Sunday!

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