Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Life Outside the Garden

I hope you are enjoying reading THE BIG PICTURE STORY BIBLE. Yesterday was a really sad story - the repercussions of sin - separation from God.

Today - Section 3 - begins with a terrible look at life outside of the Garden of Eden. Have you ever thought that we are outside the Garden of Eden today? I'm reminded of that when I watch the news, listen to a sad story of hurt or evil, and when I hurt. This world isn't perfect. It isn't the very good beginning that God started with.

Adam and Eve were thrown into a world that was without communion with God. They went from constant communion to none in a flash. Everything became hard including relationships. Everything seemed to go down hill. I often think how much that must have hurt God. He created something wonderful and full of Him and man chose sin instead.

In the time of Noah - God judged the world again it was tough and hard, but necessary. Today we live in a post-Noah world. I'm not sure we have learned anything. I'm not sure we appreciate how amazing communion with God can be. Or how swift and tough God's judgement for sin is.

Sin and judgement are not just for really evil people. The Bible says: "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." (Romans 3:23) For all = me and you and our children and our friends and our family, etc. All includes all. We are all sinners.

Life outside the Garden = sin and judgement. We all deserve judgement for our sin. But the story of Noah shows us that if we make God our King - we will be saved from our punishment. I'll give you a hint at the end of the story - Jesus takes our punishment. How's that for a King...... my king...........hopefully your king!

As you read this story and you discuss the bad stuff in the world. Don't forget to tell your kids the ending. God wins! Jesus takes on our punishment! God is king even outside the Garden.

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