Friday, May 9, 2014

Rahab - One of my favorite stories

We are on Day 9 of the Reading Plan.  How are you doing???

Big Picture  p. 141-155
Jesus Storybook p. 108-115

Rahab is one of my favorite characters in the Bible because.......

  • She was brave.  She hid the spies.  She knew that was the right thing to do - and she did it, even though it was a dangerous choice.  Her life and her family's lives were at risk because of her bold move - and she made it anyway!
  • She was chosen.  She wasn't an Israelite.  She was a foreigner, but God used her for His rescue plan of the Israelites.  
  • She was part of the lineage of Jesus.  God not only used her to help rescue the Israelites - but He made her a part of the great rescue plan for all of us.  She was a great, great,.........grandmother to Jesus!  She was part of the family Jesus was born into. I want to be brave, bold, and usable in God's plan today!

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