Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nothing Can Stop God's Plan

Big Picture Story Bible - p.83-102
Jesus Storybook Bible - p. 62-83

Nothing can stop God's plan!

Today you will read the story of Joseph.  He was betrayed, imprisoned, and lived through a famine.  But nothing can stop God's plan!  Joseph was betrayed - but God's plan was still in place.  Joseph was imprisoned but God's plan was still in place.  God put Joseph where He needed Him to save His people.

Nothing Can Stop God's Plan!

God has a plan to rescue each of us from our sin.  No matter what our sins are..........or how many..........God's plan is still in place.  He sent His Son to die for all of them.  Help your child today to see God's plan in the story of Joseph.  Help him to see God's plan to rescue him as you tell him the story of Jesus.

Thank You God - that nothing can stop your plan!

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