Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New - Fresh Starts

New lunch boxes............new clothes...........new books..............new friends.............new teachers..........new schedules...........this is the season for Fresh Starts.  And PeeWee/Creek Kids Minstries are no different.  Here is what is fresh and new in PeeWeeVille and Creek Kids.

PeeWee School
We started September 4.  We have 84 students!  We are starting off with a Rodeo/Cowboy theme.  Our first event is a picnic on September 27.

We are inviting all parents of 3 Year Olds to come and attend church with your PeeWee on September 23.  Choose a service time that day and stay and worship with your PeeWee.  You can catch the Adult Service online later.

Creek Kids
Sunday - September 9 - we began a new structure in Creek Kids.
  • Kindergarten-3rd Grade - We have a special service for K-3rd that includes singing, Bible stories, games, art, activities, Bible skills, and much more
  • 4th-5th Grade - We now have a special service for 4th/5th Graders - a PreTeen Service.  They have Large Group time and Small Group time to discuss the lesson for the day.
September 9th was a great success with the new structure.  We are excited about continuing it and getting better each week.  Ask your child how they enjoyed the day!
We are excited about our Fresh Start this Fall Season!
We hope you will join us!

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