Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Generosity Calendar

Sunday we started our Generosity Unit in PeeWeeVille and Creek Kids.  For the next 4-5 weeks we will be encouraging your family to participate in generous activities.  Don't forget to post pictures and use the hash tag:

Being generous is being like Jesus.  He was the most generous person ever.  He gave His life for you and me.  He died to take our place - He died as our punishment for our sin - He died so that we could have a relationship with God and be at peace with God.  He has been so generous to us..........we can be generous.

As you go through this month and participate in generous activities, think of a project your family can do.  What is one thing you could all do together to help someone else?  Who do you know that needs help?  Who have you seen that needs help?  What needs have you heard of?  Begin to make notes of these things.  On September 28 have a family meeting and plan your Generosity Project.

As your family does your project and other generous acts, remember who has been so generous to you - JESUS. Thank Him for His Generosity - thank Him for loving you - thank Him for being your rescuer.

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