Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What a Wonderful God We have

I am so excited about the new unit we will begin on Sunday Morning - April 7 and Wednesday Night - April 10!  We will learn about some of the attributes of God - there are too many to know them all!  When your child comes to PeeWeeVille or Creek Kids (K-3), we will study 1 attribute, then we will send you home with tools to research with your child 2-3 more attributes of God.  The following week your child will bring in the attributes your family found and post them on our big banners.  Together we will worship God and be amazed at what a wonderful God we worship!  We will do this alphabetically - so April 7 and 10 will be A...........what do you think the attribute will be???

Please don't let your child miss a single week!  Please participate as a family to help build our wall of worship of our great God!  Please partner with us in this to help your child begin to grasp what an amazing God we have!

I will have weekly posts - yes, you can call me on it if I get behind!!  Also it will make sure you guys are reading.  Anyway, I will post weekly about the attribute we studied together and some possible attributes for each of the letters you are assigned for homework.  We will worship through the alphabet as we get a taste of God's wonder.

Here are some ways you may research attributes of God with your child:
  • Read through a Story Bible.  As you read each story, discuss what you learned about God in that story.  Here are some we recommend:  The Big Picture Story Bible, The Jesus Story Bible, My First Hands On Bible, My First Study Bible, The Seek and Find ESV Bible.  If your family doesn't have one of these, you may consider purchasing one before April 7.
  • Continue doing your normal Family Devotional time, but again look for attributes of God in every lesson you teach your child.
  • Look at nature and see how God's wonderful creation shows you something about Him.
  • Have your child ask different people in his life what they love about God.  This can give you a lot of attributes of God.
  • Continue reading through the book of John as we are in the adult service.  Read the passages together as a family and talk about what they show you about God.
In PeeWeeVille and Creek Kids, we will be going through the alphabet as we name attributes of God.  As you do one of the activities above, keep a running list as a family of attributes.  Put them on a poster next to each letter of the alphabet.  See if you can create your own wall of worship at home. 

We hope that this not only teaches your child about God, but also inspires worship.  Use your family wall of worship as you pray each day - thank God for every attribute you see and remember.  Worship God as a family over the next 8 weeks!

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