Thursday, June 2, 2011

Promotion Sunday - June 5

This Sunday marks a milestone in a lot of kids - and families - lives.............we promote our school age kids up to the next grade. That means...........
If you are going to Kindergarten in the Fall - you go to Creek Kids
If you are going to Junior High in the Fall - you go to Matrix

All the kids in Elementary School will promote up to the next grade.

It's a big deal. It means you have finished something really big whether it's preschool or 3rd grade. It means you are growing.....maturing?.........ready to make new friends......ready to try new things. It's a milestone.

Celebrate it with your kids. Let them be at church on Sunday to start that new beginning with everyone else. Celebrate their accomplishments this year over the weekend. Begin the summer with new expectations of them and/or new freedoms. Your kids growing up is all part of the plan - remember you aren't raising kids you are raising adults. These milestones are a good chance to move them that way - and to share that with them.

Tell your kids what you see in them - share with them the unique gifts, talents, and personality God has given them. Bless them by sharing what you see in store for their future. Tie the new responsibilities and freedoms to that future. Pray for them. Thank God for them and what a blessing they are to your family. Promotion weekend is a great reminder to bless and encourage our kids - so don't let it slip by.

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